Stay Awhile and Listen flows almost like a documentary film. Craddock conducted years worth of interviews with former Blizzard staff, and the story of what happened is tightly interwoven with actual quotes from those interviews.

"Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I" - Chapter 8 Now Available

Posted by  DMPress  Sep 3, 2012

"Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I" - Chapter 8 Now Available

Sep 03, 2012

Greetings, Diablo and Blizzard fans!

Since announcing Stay Awhile and Listen on Halloween last year, we've been busy rewriting, editing, fact-checking, and stuffing the book chockfull of Blizzard history, and the making of the Diablo, WarCraft, and StarCraft games. It's been a fun process for us, getting to learn about how all these cool people came together to make such cool games. But, alas, it left you with little more to go on besides the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is writing a book about Blizzard, and it will be available someday.

Sorry about that. Let us make it up to you.

We've partnered with to put together a series of articles that divulge behind-the-scenes details about Diablo and Blizzard North, the book's main focus. Every week or two leading up to Monday, 10/29, Shacknews will slip you more SAAL stories.

Beginning on October 29th, the content goes into overdrive with a week's worth of coverage doled out each day. What can you expect? A complete chapter from Stay Awhile and Listen; two contests that give Shacknews readers the chance to win a free copy of the book; and an interview with your humble author.

How can you follow along with all the coverage? Bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook for links to new SAAL content as it appears. In fact, Shacknews has already posted the debut article, which you can read below.

We hope you'll stay awhile and listen/read as we gear up for lots of exciting SAAL coverage this fall.

~David L. Craddock, author, Stay Awhile and Listen


* (9/3/12) Diablo 2 Hardcore mode almost made it into first game

* (9/10/12) Blizzard North Almost Had a Sports Division

* (9/17/12) Warcraft 3 almost had six playable races

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* (10/1/12) Blizzard Toyed with 'Always Online' Idea for WarCraft 3

* (10/8/12) Blizzard Wanted a Diablo for Handhelds

* (10/15/12) Diablo Hacking Fix a Priority of Sequel

* (10/22/12) Blizzard Prototyped 'Diablo in Space'                            

* (10/29 - 10/31/12) FULL CHAPTER: Chapter 8 - "The Velvet Hammer"

* (11/1/12) The Man Behind the Book of Blizzard

* (11/2/12) "Tales of Fresh Meat" Contest

* (11/9/12) "Best Blizzard Stories" Contest



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