Stay Awhile and Listen shows that there was a potent mixture of talent, opportunity, and personality that drove the meteoric rise of Blizzard Entertainment from its earliest days. I can't wait for the next installment. -Julian Gollop, creator of X-COM: UFO Defense


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Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I

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  • The Perfect Storm: How Blizzard North channeled chaos to design the original Diablo
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  • David Craddock's Stay Awhile and Listen masterfully retells the tale of the game development Camelot created by the founders of Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard rose to not only great success, but great admiration among players and developers alike for their devotion to quality. David's book offers a rare glimpse into the mystery of how such a company is built, and tells the story in a playful style worthy of the playful products Blizzard is known for. -Richard Garriott, creator of the Ultima series 
  • sh_thumbnail.jpgCraddock takes his time introducing each person, and by the time he explains their contribution, I felt like I knew them as human beings, not as developers—what they were like as kids, where they came from, and what their aspirations were. -Venture Beat 
  • A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the storied history and development of Diablo and the early days of Blizzard Entertainment. A must-read for any fans of Blizzard's epic gaming franchises! -Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare 
  • Stay Awhile and Listen flows almost like a documentary film. The story is tightly interwoven with quotes from interviews. The effect is illustrative; during the narrative parts, it's easy to imagine a group of young developers hunched in front of faintly glowing screens. During the quotations, you can picture the older and wiser industry veterans sitting in front of a camera and explaining those early days with smiles on their faces. (9 out of 10)

  • In Stay Awhile and Listen, David L. Craddock goes deep behind the scenes to reveal the rags-to-riches story behind the birth of Diablo, one of the best loved games of all-time. It tells how passion, maxed-out credit cards and sleepless nights spawned a gaming phenomenon and unearths the game design secrets that made Diablo an enduring classic. -Tristan Donovan, author of Replay: The History of Video Games
     Eric Sexton, artist/animator, Diablo and Diablo II
  • If you spent any more than five minutes of your life clicking on demons and watching them explode into a mess of bloody guts, pick up a copy of this book and then drop what you are doing and consume it. -Bakuenryu!

  • David L. Craddock has pieced together a fascinating narrative from first-hand sources. Even with my own game development experience, I found that Stay Awhile and Listen provided a unique insight into the development process used in past eras, and the book still has some valuable lessons for us today. It shows that there was a potent mixture of talent, opportunity, and personality that drove the meteoric rise of Blizzard Entertainment from its earliest days. I can't wait for the next installment. -Julian Gollop, creator of X-COM: UFO Defense 
  • If you are a fan of any of the incredible works Blizzard has published, this series is a must-have. (9 out of 10)
  • Understanding the soul of a game requires an understanding of the people who built it and the circumstances under which it was created. Stay Awhile and Listen weaves the words of all the creators of Diablo into a compelling narrative and opens a window into the strange and wild world of the games biz. Reading this tale reminded me of why I decided to leave the games business, and why I had to get back in. -Glenn Wichman, co-creator of Rogue 
  • Not only does Stay Awhile and Listen give us insight into one of the industry’s biggest juggernauts, it also sheds light on the harsh reality of game development in a way that feels like a novel rather than a quote filled biography. -VideoGameWriters

  • Stay Awhile and Matt Householder, producer, Diablo and Diablo IIListen goes behind closed doors to underscore the key ingredient in Blizzard's recipe for success: the people. Framing a fast-paced narrative around personal anecdotes shared by the developers responsible for shaping the foundation of the WarCraft and Diablo franchises, David L. Craddock establishes a fireside chat-type atmosphere to tell a tale as engaging as it is informative. -Lorne Lanning, co-creator of the Oddworld series 
  • David Craddock's Stay Awhile and Listen is able to enchant any reader with its short and clearly written passages, genuine and involving storytelling, and an abundance of facts and information straight from the source.

  • Stay Awhile and Listen is a rare and intriguing look into the people and experiences behind some of my favorite video games of all time. -Randy Pitchford, co-founder of Gearbox Software
  • Craddock presents his prose in the form of freely flowing text interwoven with quotes from a plethora of people related to Condor Games and Blizzard Entertainment. Readers gain insight into the thought processes that were going through the developers’